This is what my writing process actually looks like. A far cry from the clean notes and orderly succulent you saw on the Welcome page. I think the act of writing is for me as it is for most people: messy and scattered, full of tangents, combing through passages I highlighted a week ago that are now irrelevant, frantically searching for a quote I didn't realize I needed. Books up-ended, pages flung. All writing, no matter how technical, is creative, and fastidious is not typically a word used to describe artists. My job as an editor is to help you clean up, keeping in mind that you created these messes for a very good reason.

Because I am outside of your brain and far removed from your project, I can navigate your creative frenzy and show you how to produce a tidy, polished piece of writing. No matter what stage of writing you find yourself - whether you are stuck on a prompt, or have some ideas jotted down but need to tie them together, or have a piece of writing that is more or less finished - I can provide guidance. 

I do this in two steps: by reading your writing carefully and thoughtfully, asking questions as I go; and afterwards, by talking with you about my comments and changes, either in person or on Skype. These two steps encourage a collaboration between us - a relationship that privileges you as the authority on your own writing and lets me use my experience to help you produce something that you are proud of.