Clients of mine have gone on to win Fulbright Scholarships; gain admittance to programs at Harvard, University of Southern California, Georgetown, and Boston University, among other schools; and publish in academic journals and magazines. 

It is one of the keenest pleasures of the editing profession to help so many talented people who are publishing work in such a wide range of disciplines and professions: the avant-garde music scene; civil liberties advocacy; international political economy; museum studies, you name it. I feel privileged to learn so much from the expertise of my clients!


"Rebecca was incredible to work with. I was feeling very stressed out about my personal statement for my graduate school applications and contacted Rebecca a few days before my deadline. She responded to me promptly, detailed her work and style, and was great about setting expectations from the very beginning, which I truly appreciated. Rebecca did a a fantastic job copy-editing my statement and provided me with great feedback.  I recently found out I got accepted to both schools I applied to and have Rebecca to thank for it." - Ximena Tovar, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Cand. MPH

"I'll always feel lucky to have crossed paths with Rebecca's incredible editing and writing mentorship talent - over the last three years, she has not only provided invaluable perspective and tailored insight to my writing endeavors; she's also influence the way I conceptualize the very craft and execution of writing. I'm certain I would not be writing a senior honors thesis in English literature today if not for how Rebecca inspired and supported my writing along the way. Becca is an extraordinary listener - a trait I didn't previously realize was so crucial to successful editing collaboration. I'm constantly amazed by both her professionalism and empathy, both her elegant intellectual precision and her encouraging willingness to engage with even minute, messy details. Her feedback is always specific, astute, and substantive; she's finessed the balance of being both the most thoughtful critic and the greatest advocate of your writing. I can't fully express how much I've enjoyed and learned working from her!"- Libby Kao, Mount Holyoke College, Cand. BA English & Senior Writing Mentor, SAW Center 

"Days prior to handing in my master thesis at the London School of Economics, Rebecca edited the entire thesis. In a stressful last stretch of my writing process she was extremely professional and accommodated her editing process with my final writings in the best possible way. She went out of her way to edit whenever I was not writing, sending my edits back promptly in a format where every single edit and comment was very easy to understand and implement. What made this experience outstanding was how she went beyond editing my errors to also help me strengthen my overall argument. Despite writing on an extremely complex topic, Rebecca not only understood my research, but also commented on crucial aspects on where I could improve my argument, which arguments or sections were lacking coherence, and how to better summarize my individual and collective findings. She made my good thesis into an excellent one. Finally, Rebecca was extremely understanding and supportive in those last stressful days before handing in. Receiving the thesis after her edits included cheering notes and encouraging comments on the strong parts of the thesis. Had it not been for those, finishing in time and with a smile on my face would have been impossible. Rebecca’s sense for details, her ability to strengthen your arguments and suggest stronger coherence in your work, her professional and precise delivery, along with her dedication and likeable spirit all support my strongest recommendation for choosing Rebecca for any editing task."- Anne Marie Larsen, Copenhagen Business School, Cand. Msc. International Business and Politics

"In the past two years, I was accepted into a PhD program in Zoology at the University of Oxford, and was most recently awarded a Fulbright scholarship for research in Peru, and I have Rebecca to thank tremendously for success with both! Rebecca is remarkably talented. She has helped me take normal pieces of writing and make them absolutely sing! I learned the art of cutting wordy bits and eloquently making a point with fewer words. I've never been a confident writer and I'm so happy to have found a supportive and talented person to help me improve. I trust her completely and would seek her advice on any future writing. She makes it look so easy and my writing improves tenfold with her assistance. I can't thank her enough!!!" - Flynn Vickowski, Fulbright Grantee to Peru