Due to the variable nature of each project, I charge an hourly rate for editing services that I divide into half-hour increments. Depending on what stage you are at in your project, editing work might take place over the course of several drafts. I work quickly, but also thoroughly: when I edit, I not only look for typical quick-fix grammar errors, but also for consistencies in argument, wording, and structure. We can discuss together the depth with which you would like me to consider your piece of writing. 

Before I start working, I will look over your project and give you a free quote of how long I think it will take me and thus how much it will cost, informed by your concerns and goals. 

$30 per hour; $15 per half-hour

For longer projects like theses, dissertations, or book manuscripts, we can also negotiate a flat fee. 

For an extra $30, I can read anything under 20 pages in length within 24 hours of receipt. 



Once I have read through your document and made my edits, I will email you with a link to my password-protected Shop space, where you will find your document listed under your name. After payment is received, you will then be able to download your edited document directly to your own computer.